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Making of an Eco-Friendly School

Representatives from really had a tough time convincing Adults to change to an Eco-Friendly lifestyle. They have a lot going on in their life and care less about what happens to Earth. They have made up their mind that Cure is better than Prevention, and rather spend their money on hospital bills over living a healthy lifestyle. And they would rather go to Mars over keeping the Earth clean.

So, we finally moved our attention to the younger generations, started educating schools and colleges. And educating them isn’t going to do much for the environment as we realised many curriculums already consisted of such Green Education and has found little to no effect on the young minds. Even in my school days, I had lots of education about pollution and evils of plastic, but it never made me take any actions.

So, what are we missing? Well, we are always concentrating on the problem rather than offering the solution. Books always focused on the evils of plastics and pollutions but failed to educate how avoiding them could have a huge impact globally. And when something is in the book, the job of the teacher is to teach them, end of line. It’s not their job to make students follow such things. So, it’s a good idea to educate the young minds about the solution to these environmental issues, where to start and how they could make a huge impact on the coming days. Read this article understand how much difference you could make by taking a small step away from plastic.

Education alone isn’t going to make much difference unless we teach them how to lead an Eco-Friendly lifestyle and help them take the first step. GREENKRAFTZ.ORG took its first effort to convert a school into an Eco-Friendly zone.

Eco-friendly School Campus — Green Campus Initiative

We started our initiative from a Government School situated in Melur from Krishnagiri District, Tamil Nadu.

GREENKRAFTZ.ORG, the staffs, teachers and principal with lots of effort and support we converted the school into an Ec0- Friendly and Sustainable campus. The campus is now officially plastic free and first of its kind in the district.

How we did it — Our Objective was :

The Program was initiated in the month of September 2017 and completed on October 2017. And teachers have noticed a significant support from students for the cause. After completion of its first year the effect is not only seen in the campus, but many students have taken the lessons to their homes. We were able to produce the results to officials of Krishnagiri district who have promised to implement the same in their schools. Around 15- 20 Schools have requested the support of to implement similar initiatives in their campus. We also conducted a rally on December 2018 to show the support of students and officials for the cause.

Students were educated to avoid plastics and use Eco-Friendly alternatives. Students were also encouraged to spread the messages to their homes and follow it in their neighbourhoods. District officials and the municipal authorities were also invited to the awareness program.

Plastic Floor mats were replaced with bamboo/natural alternatives.

Plastic Containers and items were replaced with wood/bamboo/natural alternatives.

Plastic items were segregated and were arranged to be collected/recycled.

Replaced Plastic Bins with Bamboo Bins.

Educated Students about waste segregation

Students and Staff helping us install bamboo bins at key locations.

Replaced Synthetic Ropes and Plastic clips with Natural Ropes and paper/cellulose tapes.

Students were encouraged to conserve water and the wastewater was redirected to the organic garden and plants.

Table Accessories were replaced with bamboo and palm leaf containers.

Use of cloth bags were encouraged .

The Green Campus initiative by GREENKRAFTZ.ORG was a success. We will be further working with many schools in the Krishnagiri district in the coming months as per the request of the schools and authorities. And we are looking to implement the same in other districts.

You can support our cause by joining hands with us to convert your campus Eco-Friendly. All the products we use are hand made by local artisans, which results in rural employment and decreases pollution due to manufacturing and transportation. Contact us to learn more about how you can support us.

Feel free to reach us for any queries.

Email :

Mobile: +91–9176658880




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