What is Sustainable Living ?

Feb 14, 2019 · 3 min read

Sustainability has many definitions , living in harmony with nature , save the world for future generation , not exploiting nature and natural resources , having a balance with nature and many more.

But the philosophy of Sustainable Living cannot be explained by definitions , let’s see an example of a sustainable system.

Let’s say there is a small pond and there is a house with two people next to it, Let’s keep them in a closed system , the pond has lets say 4 fishes. Every day the two humans catch two fish to eat from the pond and the pond replenishes two fish each day. The two humans get the water from the pond for drinking and washing , which again gets back to the pond in this closed system. So this becomes a perfect system where the pond provides food and water while the human activity replenishes the ponds with some nutrients.

Lets address few scenarios where the balance will be lost :

  1. Exploitation , Over fishing : When even one person take two fish instead of one the balance is broken. This makes the pond unable to replenish fish for the next day and the balance is lost eventually leads to pond with no fishes. Without fishes tiny organism and algae will overrun the pond making its water unfit for use.
  2. Pollution, Use of Chemicals : When even one person starts using a soap or shampoo for washing , this water eventually finds its way to the pond and starts killing the tiny organism and algae , which in-turn leaves the fish with no food , eventually ending the system. And the humans too drink the water from this pond in-turn effecting their biology.

Similar to the pond story earth is also a closed system but in a large scale ,the effects may not we visible in few days but eventually it will be the same story. There is no way for any external influence in our planet other than sunlight. In reality earth was not born as we see it today , it was burning hot like Venus and had extreme climates like Mars. But how did it become such a green and peaceful planet that we see now. This is the direct result of plants , trees and animal life for billions of years. But unlike humans the plants and animals slowly turned the hazardous and unpredictable planet inch by inch into what we see today. We are already losing the balance , which we can see from the climate that changes rapidly and unpredictably. Unless we stop to think we are going to end up making our planet as it was before.

Sustainability can be achieved by moving to Eco-Products, and thinking in terms of earth and having a long term mindset, Instead of short term exploitation.Unless we start sustainable practices from today, we are in for a lots of surprises.

Learn more at GREENKRAFTZ.ORG .


We are an organisation dedicated to preserve nature and promote eco-friendly lifestyle.


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We are an organisation dedicated to preserve nature and promote eco-friendly lifestyle.

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