Why Bamboo is a Game Changer ?

Jan 1, 2019 · 2 min read

When we plan to switch to an Eco Friendly Lifestyle , First thing we do is replace everything plastic with better alternatives like wood, metal, paper, glass, leather and more . But these are merely a Bio Degradable alternatives but not Eco Friendly .

So what is the difference between Bio Degradable and Eco Friendly Products.

In layman terms Bio-Degradable products are ones that perish over a short time , this process gives the nutrients or minerals back to the environment so other entities can use them. But an Eco-Friendly product on other hand is a Bio Degradable that does not harm the environment in any way . Like during the procurement of its raw materials , its manufacturing , transportation , storage and even to some extend shouldn’t have any harmful effect on people who manufacture them.

Let’s take wood , the procurement of timber leads to large scale deforestation , destroys wild habitats. Even on plantations, timber takes 20–40 years to grow and be ready for harvest. During this time it becomes a habitat for many animals and consumes a lot of water . And when they are cut down in large scale it will take another 20 years for tree to grow in its place , that is if it is replanted .The manufacturing of timber also involves lot of energy and chemicals , which again have huge negative impacts on the environment. And these giants are pretty heavy and are gonna cost a lot for transportation. Finally when they are stored they are susceptible to pest , which again leads us to use of chemicals .So wood maybe Bio Degradable but has huge costs for the environment.

Metal on the other hand is really dangerous alternative as it has huge impacts on the environment during mining , which involves lots of energy , chemicals , deforestation , destruction of habitat , and even costs the life of people working with them.

Even other alternatives like paper , aluminium , glass , leather and more suffer from the same drawbacks.

How Bamboo is different ?

Bamboo can be a complete Eco Friendly alternate because of its uniqueness. Bamboo is grass and a fast grower . It exhibits high tensile strength sometimes even stronger than steel . They can be grown anywhere, hence completely taking out transportation from the picture. They can be easily processed with hot water and steam. And Bamboo show high resistance to pest and insects . This makes it one of the very few Eco Friendly alternatives to Plastics. You can learn more about how bamboo is unique and how it can have huge positive impact on the environment in our article- Why Bamboo is Unique.


We are an organisation dedicated to preserve nature and promote eco-friendly lifestyle.


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We are an organisation dedicated to preserve nature and promote eco-friendly lifestyle.

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