Who is in the brand team, why we need branding, and what the hell is the Greenlight brand journey anyway.

We are Greenlight brand team. We want your attention and time, two resources most of you are short of and consider most precious. But why, what is the goal, and what exactly can we solve?

Greenlight brand team?

Our brand team consist of:
Michaela Bruková
Martin Kudera
Tomáš Nadymáček
Lada Tremlová
Jiří Vicherek
& Adam Hrubý

Team was chosen to represent various interests of the company. We wanted to have strong view and understanding from both parts of the company (Míša&Martin), Nady as representative of design team and amazing doodler, Lada as the backbone of the whole Greenlight. I am responsible for Greenlight communication and Adam was invited to find lead the branding process.

Together we design the brand journey.

WTF is the Brand journey?

It’s a process we are designing few steps at the time.

Originally we wanted to talk to you guys, get some ideas about what the Greenlight and try to articulate those ideas into a marketing brand: write a claim, boiler plate, describe the characteristics of the company. Design touchpoints such a social post, press release, job posting. Petr Skondr wanted to publish your Cocuma profile to accelerate recruitment. We wanted to describe the Greenlight, not to improve or even define company culture.

But we found out there is not one Greenlight. For some of you there isn’t Greenlight at all, all the word represents it the name on your contract, for some of you not even that. So we dug deeper and by doing so opened the mythical Pandoras box.

In the box was all the tension between agency and product teams in the company. Difference of work culture. Feeling of unfairness. Lack of management attention to some of your problems. Values like open communication that are in contrast to everyday life of the company. Uncured schizophrenia between EYELEVEL Digital and Greenlight. And lot of more stuff.

We found out that in order to do the job we were hired to do (branding and communication basically) we need to find common ground and start healing process first. Without that most of things we communicate externally would be boring, confusing or just plain lie.

Great news is that Greenlight is a great company. We have said it multiple times but variation of this “crisis” is everyday reality in most companies we know and Greenlight got better talents, stronger personalities and more thoughtful management than all of them.

That is why we have chosen to take you in the branding process. Every single one of you. Because it is your company and we believe that together we can build better brand. Taking time of all of you is extremely expensive solution and we are aware of that. In most other companies we would not bother you. But Greenlight certainly is design company full of extremely talented and problem-solving people. We feel that it is in your DNA to do things right and to participate in creating solutions.

And that is what the Brand Journey is. Our process designed to give you tools to solve the issues, empower you to define your company culture and lay foundations of the Greenlight brand.

Blah, blah, blah. What can you solve? What’s there for me?

We are not the solution to all of your problems. But we do our best to really help you, make life of every single one of Greenlight employees better. Our main goal is to define Greenlight brand. But in order to do that we are designing tools, processes and actions that can heal the company culture such as Parliament sessions. We got attention of Tomáš Bača and his true will to deal with the most painful issues. That is the second reason of the Brand team members selection — independence and relevance.

We promise to try our best not to waste your time.
We promise to really listen to you and do our best to make all of your issues heard by the right people.
We promise to help you to define Greenlight, find the answer of what it is and what isn’t.

And we promise to co-create with you the means necessary to make things right.

What is the Greenlight? Let’s find out!