Welcome GreenLink’s Advisor — Rosalind Tan

We had a talk with GreenLink’s advisor Rosalind Tan on why she decide to come on board as an advisor for GreenLink and here’s what she got to say!

As an investor and board member, I had the opportunity to work with Boxgreen, the inspirational team behind the GreenLink project. At the time of our investment in April 2016, the start-up registered an annual revenue of S$205,000. Fast forward to today, the start-up has increased its revenue by 10x, is profitable and have expanded its offering to beyond online healthy snack subscription. These accomplishments speak volumes of the team’s tenacity and ability to execute amidst limited resources.
As an extension to this proven business model and business momentum, the team now plans to help their vendors transition to a more sustainable model of consumption and production by engaging with and encouraging consumers to be part of this journey. This is possible through the GreenLink Protocol that encourages industry-wide certification and tracking through consumer-wide participation.
The growing recognition of sustainability as the primary driver of strategic product and business model innovation sets the premise for the team to embark on this journey to implement transparent and closed loop value chains. I strongly believe in the team’s capability to achieve this vision and to carry through their execution plan that will drive considerable value not only for our stakeholders but the entire ecosystem.
The team leverages on their unique knowledge of the FMCG sector to capitalize on the Asia market which consists of 60% of global consumer expenditure by the end of 2018 (Source: PWC 2015). At 9% growth per annum (Source: PWC 2015), this segment will be more exposed to significant environmental and social impacts if their supply chains are not well managed or tracked.
As an advisor to the GreenLink project, I am looking forward to this transformative process of integrating sustainability at the strategic and operational level through the decentralized platform that connects producers and suppliers to consumers.

We are very happy and excited to have Rosalind onboard as an advisor and we are looking forward to working with her.

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