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Fiona Porteous, Greenpeace Media Library

Every day, people from all over the world fight to ensure a green and peaceful future for our planet. From Canada to the Philippines, here’s a look at some of the top Greenpeace images this week: 16–23 September 2016.

Emma Thompson at Arctic Home Fundraiser in Toronto

Emma Thompson speaks about her experience visiting the Inuit community of Clyde River in the Canadian Arctic, at a fundraising event in Toronto.

YoU-Turn the Streets Demonstration on Park(ing) Day in Hamburg

Greenpeace activists start YoU-Turn the Streets tour during international Park(ing) Day in Hamburg. The environmentalists demonstrate for more livable cities and take part in the activity to temporarily convert a part of a street into a local recreation area. Activists lay turf, set up deckchairs and transform a used car into an outdoor coffee bar.

Action against TiSA in Switzerland

Greenpeace carries out an action in Geneva after it published secret documents from the TiSA negotiations. The “Trade in Services Agreement” is the unknown big brother of the trade agreements TTIP and CETA. TiSA is currently, from 19–26th of September, being secretly negotiated in Geneva among 50 states and would pave the way for global deregulation of everything from public services to financial markets. TiSA would undermine effective climate action and environmental protection, health care and education, labour rights and data security. Greenpeace demands to start a public debate on trade which is in favour of people and the planet, not just a few big corporations.

Laser Projection on Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw

During the night of 15th to 16th of September a giant bee was presented on the facade of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw to bring attention to problems related to bee population in Poland and to encourage people to take action by participating in the “Adopt a bee” campaign.

CETA and TTIP Action and Demonstration in Hamburg

Greenpeace activists take part in a demonstration against TTIP and CETA in Hamburg.

Lightpainting Activity in the Philippines

September 22 marks one year since the Human Rights and Climate Change Petition was filed at the Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines.
To mark the groundbreaking investigation’s first year, Greenpeace volunteers create light paintings with messages “Time is Running Out”, “#ClimateJustice”, and “#PeopleVsBigPolluters” in Manila’s iconic Rizal Park.
Greenpeace calls to join the growing global movement of people demanding climate justice by holding the Big Polluters responsible for contributing to the climate crisis.

Okinawa Protest — Web Video

A video to highlight the problems related to the expansion of the U.S. Marine base in Okinawa.

From the Archives

Reindeer in the Taymyr Peninsula (© Petr Shelomovskiy/Greenpeace)
Hawksbill Turtle in Komodo National Park
Wind Farms in Iowa

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