This week in Greenpeace pictures

Every day, people from all over the world fight to ensure a green and peaceful future for our planet. From Japan to Moscow, here’s a look at some of the top Greenpeace images this week.

Radiation survey in Iitate, Japan

Nuclear waste storage. Greenpeace conducted a radiation survey around the houses whose owners were evacuated from Iitate village in 2011 after the start of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. The Japanese government is set to lift evacuation orders in heavily contaminated areas like Iitate, Fukushima. It will cut compensation and housing support to survivors, who are still struggling six years later

Protest of indigenous people against oil industry in Moscow

Reindeer herders have placed their traditional tent in the center of Moscow to show their protest against plans of the company Surgutneftegas to extract oil near their sacred lake Numto

Informal survey on non-polluting buses in São Paulo

Greenpeace activists conduct an informal survey with a portal installed in front of São Paulo City Hall, Brazil. 
The aim of the activity is to urge João Doria, the city’s mayor, to declare that his administration will comply with the Climate Change Municipal Policy in the bus public bidding for the city of São Paulo. Commonly referred to as Climate Law, this policy demands for the entire bus fleet to be powered by renewable fuels starting from 2018

Protest against Scott Pruitt’s EPA nomination in Washington D.C.

Protesters gathered in opposition to Donald Trumps’ EPA nominee, Scott Pruitt, Attorney General of Oklahoma. Scott Pruitt is ordered by an Oklahoma City court to publicly release his emails with dirty energy companies, a member of his own party has also said she will vote against his appointment as head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Pruitt’s actions have already made it clear he wants to dismantle the EPA — as Oklahoma attorney general he sued the agency at least 14 times. His allegiance is clearly with the dirty energy giants who have supported him for years

E-Waste artist Philip in Indonesia

Four Indonesian artists make art installations from electronic waste that are to be exhibited in Jakarta and Surabaya in March 2017 for the Greenpeace Detox campaign

FarmErasmus in Belgium

FarmErasmus is a visit programme, organized by Greenpeace and designed to allow farmers to spend a bit of time on a ‘host farm’ where they can study a particular aspect of ecological farming in practice

Launch of the European citizens’ initiative on pesticides

Campaigners and activists met in Brussels, Madrid, Rome, Berlin and Paris to launch a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) to ban glyphosate, reform the EU pesticide approval process, and set mandatory targets to reduce pesticide use in the EU

Hope in West Africa fisheries tour

Launch video for the Greenpeace Esperanza ‘Hope in West Africa’ fisheries tour

Planet Earth First!

Parody of “America First” video

And from the Archives….

Waterfalls in the National Park Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, Sept 2009
Humpback Whales in Gulf of Alaska, July 2006
Jellyfish — Defending Our Oceans in Mediterranean, June 2007

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