This week in Greenpeace pictures

Every day, people from all over the world fight to ensure a green and peaceful future for our planet. From the UK to Russia, here’s a look at some of the top Greenpeace images in the last two weeks.

Action from the Eiffel Tower in Paris #Resist

This actions takes place 2 days before the second round of the French election opposing centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron to far right candidate Marine Le Pen. Greenpeace wants to recall that far right is a major threat to these values

Campaigners block work at fracking site in Lancashire, UK

The campaigners from areas facing fracking like Blackpool, Preston and Manchester have safely linked their arms inside reinforced yellow blocks, adorned with the Lancashire Rose, to create a “Frack Free Zone” blocking the entrance to the site. They intend to stop preparation works for the first UK frack for gas, after the government overruled the local council decision to reject planning permission

Rainbow Warrior in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for 25th anniversary

Rainbow Warrior is in Rio de Janeiro to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Greenpeace Brazil and to support the Defend the Amazon Reef campaign

RESIST climate march in Copenhagen

Greenpeace join a large coalition of protest groups and members of the public who are participating in a Climate March in Copenhagen. The Greenpeace marchers ask people that on this day, marked by 100 days of President Trump’s backward facing policy, that Denmark and its leaders move forward and provide a clear mandate for a just green and peaceful world

People’s Climate March in Washington D.C.

On the 100th Day of the Trump Administration, we are in the streets of Washington D.C. to show the world and our leaders that we will resist attacks on our people, our communities and our planet

NY Intrepid resistance to Trump

Greenpeace activists joined thousands of New Yorkers to send a direct message of shared resistance to the Trump administration and its destructive policies. Trump was meeting with Australian PM Martin Turnbull on the deck of the USS Intrepid, dry docked on the Hudson River

DAPL protest at Credit Suisse general meeting in Zurich

During the Annual General meeting of Swiss bank Credit Suisse in Zurich, Greenpeace activists display a banner above the speaker’s desk and build a huge pipeline in front of the building. The action is to highlight the risk of oil pollution through the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline (DAPL). Greenpeace is calling on Credit Suisse to withdraw loans for the controversial pipeline project in the USA

No to floating nuclear power station in St. Petersburg

On the 31st anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, Greenpeace activists on inflatable boats protest in St. Petersburg, Russia, against the plans of the Russian nuclear corporation Rosatom to fuel and activate reactors of the floating NPP “Akademik Lomonosov”. Rosatom plans to tow the floating NPP to Russia’s Far East and use it for the industrial exploration of the Arctic

Indigenous People deliver 200 coffins at Brazilian Congress in Brasilia

A huge funeral procession is carried out in front of the Brazilian Congress by 3000 indigenous people from Acampamento Terra Livre (Free Land Camp), one of the largest mobilisation groups of indigenous people in Brazil. They delivered 200 black mock coffins: “They are our relatives, murdered by old-fashioned public policies carried out by congressmen that don’t respect our Constitution”, explains Sônia Guajajara, indigenous leader. The coffins were placed on the water and on the lawn in front of the entrance of the Brazilian Congress, together with a 25 x 5 meter message reading in Portuguese “Demarcação Já!” (Demarcation Now!). Only a few minutes later, the police responded with tear gas, violently scattering the peaceful indigenous protest

Plastic pollution activity at ASEAN embassies in Manila

Acting on the urgency of the plastics pollution problem in the region, and with the upcoming Association of Southeast Asian Nation (ASEAN) Summit starting in Manila, Greenpeace Southeast Asia brings its message to the ASEAN community by delivering a letter of appeal, brought by a giant animated ‘Plastic Bag Man and Woman’, to the respective embassies of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, and to the Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs

Paraglider flying banner over Spessart Mountains

Greenpeace activist flying a paraglider with banner over the Spessart Mountains. The banner reads: “Upwind for the national park”. The Bavarian government wants to decide by July 2017 whether the Spessart Mountains will become part of the Bavarian national parks. Greenpeace volunteers support the citizen’s movement “Freunde des Spessarts”, who stand up for the national park

Break Free human banner and solar energy activity in Hong Kong

To express our wish for a renewable energy future to the Hong Kong government, we gathered over 200 Hong Kong people to form the 1st ever sun shaped human banner in Hong Kong. We also organised a solar charger workshop and a yoga (sun salutation) workshop to teach public to DIY solar charger and to appreciate and salute to the sun together respectively. This activity is part of the global Break Free movement against fossil fuels

March For Science 2017 in Washington D.C.

Held on Earth Day, scientists, students and researchers rallied from the Brandenburg Gate to the Washington Monument conveying a global message of scientific freedom without political interference and spending necessary to make future breakthroughs

JAG action against plastics in cosmetics in Hamburg

Action against microplastics and liquid plastics in cosmetics in Hamburg

Floating nuclear reactor in St. Petersburg

In the centre of St.Petersburg, Russia’s second biggest city, Rosatom is building a floating NPP “Akademik Lomonosov”. Rostechnadzor, Russia’s nuclear regulator, has confirmed that the reactor will be fuelled and started at the Baltic Shipyard. Greenpeace demands from the city governor to immediately call off his permission for these operations and stop the dangerous experiment. The FNPP is planned to be towed to Chukotka in the Far East and installed off the town of Pevek

“G20 Protest Wave” Launch press conference in Hamburg

Members of the “G20 Protestwelle” alliance hold a press conference at the Greenpeace Germany Headquarters in Hamburg. The G20 Protestwelle (Protest wave) is an alliance between civil society organizations including Greenpeace, Campact, BUND, DGB Nord and Mehr Demokratie Hamburg

Hope in West Africa Fisheries Tour

Caught fish in ice on SAYED 2 / 6WKX / DAK 1211, Senegalese boat with an Arabic captain, as seen during a high sea control in a joint operation with DPSP fishery inspectors and Greenpeace

Canada’s largest logging company want to sue Greenpeace out of existence

And from the Archives…

Local fishermen using ‘sudsud’ nets to catch shrimps, Philippines, 2006
Anti-nuclear projections in Spain, April 2011
Measuring radiation in Iitate, Japan, March 2011

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