This week in Greenpeace pictures

Every day, people from all over the world fight to ensure a green and peaceful future for our planet. From Brazil to Thailand, here’s a look at some of the top Greenpeace images this week

Greenpeace ship Beluga tour in Scotland

Greenpeace has brought its ship the Beluga II on an expedition of scientific research around Scotland, sampling seawater for microplastics and documenting the impact of ocean plastic on some of the UK’s most precious marine life

Action against Forest Reduction in Brazil

Greenpeace brought to Brazilian National Congress an 8-meter inflatable chainsaw with the message “The end of forests begins here”. The activity is to protest against two projects in the Congress (MP 756 and 758, from 2016), that reduce in over 1 million Hectares the Brazilian forests Conservation Units

Protest for better meat at Lidl in Germany

Members of Greenpeace groups inform passers-by and customers in front of the German discount supermarket Lidl about low standards in pig factory farming. The environmental activists demand higher standards in pig factory farming, more transparency and better meat for the consumer

‘We grow’ project preparation in Thailand

Greenpeace Southeast Asia and Vanessa Rangsit School partnered to develop a project entitled “We Grow: Kids growing their own food.” The project aims to promote a sustainable food system and self-sufficiency. Greenpeace and the Thai school want to encourage gardening among children as a way to build a healthy, safe and more sustainable food system based on ecological agriculture

Portrait of Greenpeace Africa executive director Njeri Kabeberi

Greenpeace Africa’s executive director Njeri Kabeberi

Greenpeace volunteers urge car manufacturers to ditch diesel

Local groups across the UK are campaigning for car manufacturers to ditch diesel and go electric

Logging in Torråsen

Greenpeace stumbles on logging operations while conducting field research in the forest of Torråsen, in the north-west of Sweden. The boreal forest is being logged by owner, Bergvik Skog AB, despite having been identified by authorities as possessing high conservation value and deserving of protection

Whale art installation in the Philippines

A massive whale is unveiled on the shores of Sea Side Beach Resort in Naic, Cavite, Luzon, Philippines.
 The 15m x 3m blue whale, which looked to be in the late stages of decomposition, captured the attention of nearby communities and beachgoers. As groups gathered to haul off the dead whale, they noticed that its entire body was made of plastic wastes found in the ocean. The slimy innards sprawling out of its’ underbelly was a mix of plastic bags, remains of plastic containers, sachets, bottles and more

And from the Archives…

Rainbow Warrior Arrives in Jayapura, May 2013
Alpine action Goldbergkees Glacier Austria, August 2009
Bees with Queen Cup in Germany, May 2013
Transporting Oil Palm Fruit Bunches in Riau, May 2013

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