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Singapore Green Plan
Singapore Green Plan
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With Singapore’s ever-growing urban landscape, it’s more important than ever to stay connected with nature. Our communities play a big role in keeping the green spirit alive, to nurture and eventually pass on to future generations.

Nurturing this green spirit led Pergas (Singapore Islamic Scholars & Religious Teachers Association) to start the Pergas Green Space, with the aim to strengthen community bonds and spread awareness on environmental issues.

The set up of Pergas Green Space was made possible with support from the SG Eco Fund, which supports projects that promote environmental sustainability and involves the community. Launched in March 2023, the green space on the rooftop of the Pergas Building now features plant beds, a hydroponics system, garden trellises and even an upcoming aquaponic system.

Spread The Garden Love!

By tapping on the SG Eco Fund, Pergas created an educational space for students and volunteers to learn how to grow their own veggies and bring those practices back home.

“We encourage (the students) to grow plants and get hands-on experience along with their spiritual studies,” explained Project Lead, Ustaz K H Majeed. “The Green Space is used as an entry point for anyone who wants to get their hands dirty and experience the joy of harvesting the fruits of their labour.”

Ustaz K H Majeed Bin Maiden tending to a new plant bed of red spinach

Despite being in its early stages, the space has seen a consistent bountiful harvest, with a variety of greens including lady fingers, spinach and pandan (a favourite of the community) Everything that is harvested goes back to the communities, families, staff and volunteers within the Pergas community.

Ustazah Nur Khadijah Binte Ramli (in red) sharing about green practices to the volunteers

The space is all maintained by a group of 50 volunteers including religious teachers from Pergas and other passionate members of the public. It is also open to visitors of all backgrounds.

The volunteers, led by Ustazah Nur Khadijah, also host workshops to increase awareness on the importance of growing our own nutritional edibles and making our food supply more resilient. The workshops not only cover the basics in gardening, but also water conservation, upcycling, as well as other environmental practices.

What’s next for Pergas?

With a growing number of volunteers and the support of the SG Eco Fund, Pergas hopes to reach out to more Islamic institutions and organisations to host workshops focusing on environmental practices in Islamic teachings, as well as make the Pergas Green Space more accessible for visitors. To increase accessibility, Pergas plans to implement an infaq, or disbursement, system where guests and visitors can harvest plants in exchange for a monetary donation of their choosing.

Thanks to Pergas’ commitment to cultivating sustainable practices, they are making strides towards merging faith, community and ecological consciousness.

Volunteers who help tend to the Pergas Green Space

Inspired by Pergas’ story to come up with a green space of your own? The SG Eco Fund offers funding to support the creation of sustainability initiatives in Singapore, so you can grow your green ideas. Visit for more information!

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Singapore Green Plan
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