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2 min readNov 12, 2018


US Methane Emissions Have Been Dramatically Underestimated

Methane emissions from oil and gas production in the United States are likely 63% higher than what the Environmental Protection Agency has reported. The discrepancy stems from the way methane is measured and monitored. Source: Ars Technica (Approx. 7 Minutes)

Economic Downturn Predicted If Fossil Investment Goes Unchecked

If fossil fuel-producing countries like the United States, Canada, and Russia don’t guide their economies away from oil, gas, and coal, then low-carbon technology could render at least some of those investments worthless, leaving approximately $1–$4 trillion ‘stranded’ in obsolete infrastructure and lost from the global economy. Source: Ars Technica (Approx. 8 Minutes)

The Value Of Offshore Wind Energy: What The US Is Missing Out On

Stranded assets result in losing countries and winning countries, which are easily categorized by which countries import fossil fuels and which countries export. China and the European Union will come out as winners if the price of fossil fuels drops and the energy economy moves toward low-carbon or no-carbon alternatives. By contrast, the United States, Canada, and Russia come out as losers because they have significant investments in fossil fuel production. Source: Ars Technica (Approx. 8 Minutes)

A 15-Year Look At How Energy Changed In The US, State By State

In the race to move away from fossils and increase renewables, would you place your bets on Texas or California? The list of high and low performers might surprise you. Source: Ars Technica (Approx. 8 Minutes)

Trump Proposed A Massive Expansion Of Offshore Drilling. What Can States Do?

In the battle between an increasingly permissive federal land use policy that runs counter to the will of environmentally friendly states, opponents to presidential policy would do well to remember that accessing federal land requires using state infrastructure. Source: Ars Technica (Approx. 9 Minutes)

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