Backstage Detroit Cohort 1

Introducing 7 New Detroit Accelerator Companies

M. Wheat
M. Wheat
Mar 8 · 4 min read

Monica Wheat is the Managing Director of Backstage Detroit, a 3-month program designed to give underrepresented founders the support they need to reach their next critical milestone.

Detroit is the original home of innovation and grit. Our entrepreneurs hustle harder because they had to, and it shows in the companies growing and thriving in the Motor City. For being situated in a city with such industrial roots, Backstage Detroit’s crop of young companies — each working to meet their next big milestone — is a mixed tribe of makers, techies, and retail entrepreneurs. In the spirit of The Renaissance City, our cohort boasts companies from haircare to on-demand luxury manufacturing, medtech to entertainment marketplaces, and even eco-friendly “butt stuff”. These companies may not share a market or business model, but they will share a headquarters and a life-changing entrepreneurial experience as they take on the 3-month Backstage Accelerator.

Please help us make welcome these amazing companies!

(6/14/2019 — Story has been updated to reflect name changes, launch status and acquisition updates)


Treatment X Lifestyle medtech product to improve the overall quality of life of those impacted by life-threatening food allergies. Alerje combines alerts and avoidance solutions in a mobile emergency platform.


An eco-friendly, personal wellness brand for your booty. Yes, we’re talking subscription + sustainability butt stuff.

Gildform (formerly Casting de Khrysopoeia)

High-quality, on-demand jewelry design and manufacturing that takes your ideas through concept, CAD, 3D printing and casting, and assembly, redefining the relationship between brands and manufacturers.


A digital platform that provides up-and-coming artists with performance opportunities around the world. CrowdFreak allows users to gamify connections and opportunities in the entertainment space.

Foodstand (acquired by DietID)

Healthy eating and wellness information at your fingertips, Foodstand helps individuals and organizations joyfully turn wellness goals into lifelong habits through team challenges and behavior change.

Foodstand founders.

Healthy Roots

An inclusive toy company creating dolls and storybooks that reinforce positive self-perceptions of the richly diverse, varying shades of complexion and natural hair textures among girls of color.


A clever collection of patented, multi-tasking, non-toxic hair care that helps busy women rock fabulous hair in a fraction of the usual time by combining 12 processes for boss-babe-worthy hair into just 3 simple steps.

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Green Room

Welcome to the Green Room blog. Go behind the scenes at Backstage Capital, where we're betting big on underrepresented tech startup founders.

M. Wheat

Written by

M. Wheat

Voracious Knowledge Seeker; Venture Strategist; Managing Director, Backstage Detroit; Executive Director, Venture Catalysts; Founder, Digerati Girls #Ecosystems

Green Room

Welcome to the Green Room blog. Go behind the scenes at Backstage Capital, where we're betting big on underrepresented tech startup founders.

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