Backstage Philadelphia Cohort 1

Introducing 6 New Philly Accelerator Companies

Liz Brown is the Managing Director of Backstage Philadelphia, a 3-month program designed to give underrepresented founders the support they need to reach their next critical milestone.

The city of brotherly love is ready to embrace a remarkable group of up-and-coming companies focused on convenience and confidence as Backstage Philadelphia welcomes its inaugural cohort. These companies will go through 3 months of consulting, development, and financial guidance before joining the ranks of Backstage Headliners. Our crew could not be more excited to support the founders as they grow.

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A peer-to-peer clothing rental marketplace for college students connecting people to each other, not clothing and landfills.


A connected vaporizer pen that helps you quit nicotine. Their patent-pending design delivers a steadily decreasing amount of nicotine and clean oil, lowering nicotine intake automatically over time to help you stop your addiction.

Please Assist Me

A mobile platform that allows you to come home to groceries in the fridge, your to-do list completed, and a clean home all handled by your own dedicated home assistant.


Their mission is simple: to create an amazing beauty experience for women in the privacy and convenience of their own home or office.

Tressenoire founders.


An app-based mobile car care service providing location- and subscription-based amenities that real estate owners provide to their customers.


WYL features millennial-focused apartment listings, landlord reviews, community insights, and neighborhood engagement.

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