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Backstage Tour 2020 update!

Hi, Backstage friends!

We’ve all seen the impact of COVID-19 on live events, especially over the past few days. As a result, we’ve decided it’s best to evolve Backstage Tour 2020 into a series of virtual, city-focused events. Our first and utmost priority is the safety and wellbeing of our community at large and our teammates. With thousands of attendees anticipated in over a dozen cities, we’re needing to adapt just as every community and organization is right now.

We believe this is best for everyone involved.

We’re speaking now with our City Leaders, who are working with us to make each Tour stop amazing for virtual attendees. We’ll have fresh info about what the online Tour 2020 experience will look like to share with you all later this week. Each virtual stop will still include an investment in a local startup as well as access, education, and inspiration for underestimated founders and investors. All tickets will still include an autographed copy of my book, It’s About Damn Time!

Founders — applications are still open for funding. One company in each Tour 2020 city will be selected to join our portfolio as a Backstage Headliner. Submit your application by March 31. Apply now.

Please note: For now my solo NYC (May 5) and LA (May 6) book launch event dates will remain as in-person, but I will keep a close eye on the evolving situation and adjust to virtual if needed.

Please continue to prioritize your health and safety. You can learn more about preventing the spread of COVID-19 on the official CDC Prevention website.

We at Backstage can’t wait to see you all soon!

- Arlan



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