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Project Announcements: Smart Cameras, Sensors, Automated Dosing System For Developers

Justin Bowen
Mar 6, 2019 · 4 min read

GreenThumb IO is a cannabis computer vision and AI product. We are open-sourcing our prototypes that we used to develop our platform capable of integrating with any industry standard product and service providers. I have a series of blogs outlining our projects which can be found here on Medium — follow to stay in the loop on new developments!

Smart Cameras

Vision is one of our five senses that we use daily to determine when to cross the road or when to water a plant. In May 2018 I wrote an article detailing the Smart Camera developer kits on the market. The point was to highlight that while these hardware packages are great for desktop tinkering, they’re not ready for commercial deployments in the real world.

Additionally, the traditional CCTV camera manufacturers are either lagging behind or resistant to offering the new technology as a feature offering. It’s now March 2019 and I have yet to see a reasonable offering hit the market.

Production Potential

Great presentation by Bay Mc

Though Huawei did announce their concept line of Software Defined CCTV in June of last year, at this time there is no product available on the market for Machine Vision models to be deployed in commercial settings.

These are the Dumb Cameras I wish to make smart.

Because these don’t yet exist I’ve come up with a retro-industrial looking alternative for now:

I have a complete blog post that goes over how to build a commercially viable smart camera that you can deploy in any environment.

Sensor Kit

There are a handful of sensors I’ve found useful in my research. I demonstrate how to stream their readings over WebSockets in a sensor focused blog.

GreenThumb Computer Vision System

Air Temperature & Humidity

Air probes can be used to stream soil metrics to enhance our GreenThumb Computer Vision System’s ability to distinguish heat or humidity stress in the canopy.

Soil Temperature & Humidity

Soil probes can be used to stream soil metrics to enhance the GreenThumb Computer Vision System’s ability to distinguish heat or water stress in the root zone.

Liquid Temperature & pH

Dosing Systems

GreenThumb is designed to integrate with industry standard commercial offers that are already out there. Popular brands such as Etatron, BlueLab, and Dosatron are prime examples.

Great diagram demonstrating a combination of Etatron micro-doser being used with dosatron injectors and a bluelab ph controller from

Preparing to adapt our technology to integrate with commercial fertilizer-irrigation systems, or fertigation systems, as it’s known in the Ag industry has been a real treat for me personally.

My prototype today:

Yes, the peristaltic pumps and all of the electronics are housed in the Amazon box they came in. But hey, it works!

GreenThumb Open-Source Hardware Series

Smart Camera

Sensor Kit

Dosing System

If you have any questions or are interested in the project or using my open-source packages, feel free to leave a comment or ping me on LinkedIn or Twitter, I will be responsive.

GreenThumb is also seeking early clients, partners, and initial funding. Yes, I did the work and paid for this all on my own.


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