How to Shopify in Czech language?

If you have read my first post you have already discovered that I work in a Web Design company called Ents and one of our biggest interests lie on the platform Shopify.

Probably you are familiarized with this ecommerce platform and how successful it has been. However many e-entrepreneurs from smaller countries, like the case of some of our clients and ourselves, face a big challenge at the time of adapting a spectacular platform like Shopify to their own cultural and linguistic reality.

Let’s face it: each country and culture has different habits and original ways of consuming (example: China). In what concerns Czech people, we felt that it was needed to create some kind of help for those who want to start their online business in Shopify and don’t know how to convert this international model of ecommerce in English Language into a real Czech store that wouldn’t scare away their clients.

First Steps

That’s why a little bit more than seven months ago we created ČeskéShopify.
There we show how to take your business from the first baby steps until the full maturity needed to start selling.

We hope that this page can help every Czech e-entrepeneur to launch easily their projects in one of the most successful ecommerce platforms ever, Shopify!

Ready to go 😆

Following up our newest adventure in the online business, we figure out that ČeskéShopify should be a continuous work in progress. We will keep incorporating there some solutions for the problems we face in our stores, the sames that every Czech ecommercer has. How to import the products you have into marketplaces like and since Shopify doesn’t provide any XML feed? How to display a message like “In Stock” and “To order: 2–3 weeks” next to your product title/info? How to set up your store easily on facebook?

We want to provide answers or at least some possible answers to all of these questions and more. Soon I’ll write some of those here and later on we’ll upload it in Czech language in ČeskéShopify.

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