Stanley N
Stanley N
Aug 13, 2018 · 3 min read

To all GreenX ICO contributors, investors, and supporters,

We would like to express our thanks for all of you who helped us to achieve a successful end of our ICO. As you may know, this is only the beginning of the GreenX journey, and we have been busy for the next steps. This blog post is to share with you the amazing developments we are working on and to update you on many key information regarding our ICO wrap up and next plans.


Our first listing will be on IDCM.IO. Even though they are a relatively new player in the market, IDCM has achieved impressive results in short time period. In addition, their vision of creating a comprehensive ecosystem for users resonates with our values. Overall, there are strong synergies between GreenX and IDCM, and we choose them as our first listing partner. The listing will be approximately on August 25th, 2018.

In addition, we have listing agreement with Exrates.Me and several other exchanges. We will announce further information regarding listing on our Telegram Channel.

Bounty / Airdrop Token Distribution

Bounty and airdrop participants are key supporters of GreenX. They help spread the words about our project to the world and brought traction to our sites. We have begun distribution of airdrop and bounty tokens to our supporters, and so far, have sent tokens to about 20–30% of people who joined the bounty program.

One problem with token distribution is the list of participants. Since GreenX has several airdrop rounds and bounty programs, we have scattered data of participants. In addition, many of the entries have incorrect data such as invalid ETH addresses. We also had to audit several bounty entries to make sure they pass the original requirement. As the result, bounty and airdrop distribution will take longer than our expected timeline. Hence, we ask for your patient as our team is working hard to distribute all the tokens to your wallets.

Communication Channels

During our campaign, we have communicated with our community through various communication channels — Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and more. We have several Telegram groups in different languages, which served the purpose of bringing our team closer to the community. However, toward the end of the ICO, our groups were flooded with spams, copy-pasted comments, bot-run bounty posts, and cross-advertisement. Managing these groups become very time-consuming and we feel that there should be improvement in our community management. Also, we faced the problem of people faking our admins and execs to scam people of their ETHs. These issues call for changes in the way we communicate with our audience.

Hence, after the ICO conclude, we will focus more on quality of our message rather than quantity, and condense our communication channels to the following

We will continue to support the Telegram Group for up to 2 months post-ICO. Then we will merge the group with the channel. Going forward, the best way for you to get in touch with our team would be through our Facebook Page Messenger and Official Email


Platform development is the most important aspect of our project. It is the whole reason we started our ICO, and we have worked very hard on delivering the GreenX MVP. Currently, we are in the advanced stage of MVP development, and we will release the first prototypes in the coming weeks. Please follow our Telegram Channel to know when it is live.


The token sale was a great experience for the GreenX team. We are excited about the possibilities that blockchain will bring to the green energy market, and we are thankful for your support. Please do continue to support during our listing phase and join our ecosystem to help making the world a better place.


GreenX Team


Revolutionize Green Energy Investment

Stanley N

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Stanley N



Revolutionize Green Energy Investment

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