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GreetBot Gets a New Account Dashboard

See your key onboarding metrics at a glance.

GreetBot has passed a number of milestones recently. We are now serving more than 10,000 workspaces worldwide, delivering an average of 50,000 greetings per week. Somehow, in the course of the last four years GreetBot has delivered over 2.5 million welcome messages to more than 2 million individual Slack users. Wow!

As GreetBot continues to reach more people we wanted to make it easier for Slack admins to keep an eye on the onboarding activity within their own workspaces. This can be tricky. A large proportion of GreetBot’s messages is delivered privately, making it difficult for admins to see whether anything is happening at all. And the more people join a workspace, the harder it gets to keep track of the big picture.

Thus far, our go-to solution has been GreetBot’s log command. It’s a simple utility that lists the latest messages that have been delivered along with the total number of messages GreetBot has sent to date. But the log is best suited to providing granular information related to the activity of individual members, such as read receipts and delivery dates for their welcome messages. Not a bird’s eye view of the onboarding activity as a whole.

Over the last few months we’ve been working towards filling this gap and making activity data more accessible. And there’s hardly a better way to do it than with a big, bold account dashboard. So that is also what we’ve built. As of last week, when you sign into your account you’ll be greeted by your key onboarding metrics, like the number of new joiners welcomed to date or the number of channel messages posted in total. You can’t miss it.

Here’s how it looks:

GreetBot’s new dashboard is available to everyone, on all plans and on any device (desktops, tablets, smartphones). Simply sign into your account at with your Slack credentials to check it out. We hope it will help you get a better sense of the onboarding activity within your workspace and the impact GreetBot is having on your team, company, interest group or community. Here’s to many more milestones, big and small, for many years to come!



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