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We are making changes to the free GreetBot Starter plan

Starter plan is changing but our mission stays the same.

Over the last two years we’ve introduced a number of new, handy features, like Theme Packs, dedicated guest messages or the message log with read receipts. We have big goals for this year as well: we are planning to add support for more messaging options, work anniversaries, more engagement metrics, as well as Q&As about your workspace. We are excited!

As we are gradually transitioning to a subscription model with our paid plan GreetBot Plus, we will also be making changes to the free Starter plan. Most notably, on March 2nd, 2020 we will reduce the number of configurations available on the Starter plan to 1 direct and 1 channel per workspace.

Rest assured, this change won’t affect the number of people you can onboard. If you are an indie team or a hobby community you can continue on Starter as usual, whether you plan to invite 10 or 1,000 new members. As part of this change you will also get more scheduling options for direct messages, giving you the choice to send your message 1–6 days or 1–8 weeks after new members join.

If you’ve signed up before March 2nd, 2020 your account gets a 3-month extension until June 2nd, 2020 to get ready. During this period you can keep using the currently available direct and channel configurations as before. If you’d like to continue using any configurations beyond the new threshold after June 2nd, consider upgrading to GreetBot Plus. If you currently have 1 direct or 1 channel message configured you don’t need to do anything.

Our mission stays the same

It is important for us to continue offering our services for free and help all teams grow, regardless of size and budget. Charging a small monthly fee to access GreetBot’s more business-oriented features helps us to continue offering unlimited onboarding to everyone, and not charge by the seat. It also helps us develop new features for our free and paid plans alike.

We hope that you understand and support us during this transition. We’ll be posting additional updates as we get closer to finalizing those changes but if you have any questions or comments please give us a shout at Your input is important to us and we read and respond to every single piece of feedback we get.



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