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Woohoo! GreetBot Has New GIFs!

You can now welcome new #channel joiners on Slack with over 50 new animated GIFs.

GreetBot has had the ability to welcome new joiners with animated GIFs for quite some time now. It was a little over a year ago when we launched Woofy and Howdy Greet Packs, finally bringing the internet’s favorite pastime to onboarding on Slack.

As of this week, though, GreetBot’s collection of GIFs is getting a major boost. You can now welcome new #channel joiners with additional four new Greet Packs loaded with over 50 playful new GIFs.

There is Happy, which includes GIFs of sitcom and movie stars cheering and clapping in excitement, or Dancer, with GIFs of funky dance moves by famous singers and actors we all know and enjoy watching.

Then there is Buddy, with GIFs of animals playing and hanging out together in all sorts of adorable ways. And of course, we also had to include Kitty, with GIFs of cats, well, just being cute. Because let’s face it, this is internet after all.

Here are some of our favorites:

Getting started

Hopefully you’ll enjoy these new Greet Packs as much as we do. To get started simply head over to the Message Schedule section on your account dashboard and edit an existing channel message or add a new one. You can also visit our Help Center for more information about configuration and availability.



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