Public Bike Pumps of Lowertown

One of the things that I hope to achieve with this blog is to help generate practical information in addition to more high minded thoughts. One of those more practical topics involved finding things in various neighborhoods that would be helpful, but might not show up in a search on Google Maps. A more specific idea dropped into my lap a couple days ago when I saw a ReTweeted cry for assistance:

@BillLindeke do you know of any public bike pumps in downtown StP or along Selby/Marshall? Poorly timed bike pump failure this morning.
@lewismd13 27 July 2015

Well I was certainly eager to not only help a fellow cyclist but also show off my full two months worth of knowledge on my new neighborhood. Surely there must be a handful of pumps to choose from…

@lewismd13 Union Depot has one near the bus stop area. Unfortunately I think Lowtow Bike Co-op is closed Mondays. @BillLindeke
— @derzquist 27 July 2015

Aaaannnd that’s it! At least as far as I am aware. Pretty disappointing. Now this shouldn’t be a huge surprise when considering that St Paul has only recently, finally, decided to begin the process of a more comprehensive bike system. Still, for an area as dense as this part of town I had hoped to be able to come up with a few more suggestions for a comrade in need.

So to recap, the grand total list of Public Bike Pumps in Lowertown

:: Lowertown Bike Shop 253 4th St E St Paul, MN 55101. They’re open MF 1–9pm & Sat 10–6pm. (And a fantastic place everyone should frequent that I hope to spotlight here soon!)

::Union Depot (a wonderful building that needs more stuff happening in it). The bike pump is located on the upper exterior level, above the parking garage, near the bus stops and the doors closest to the picnic area. Why is it there and not closer to an actual street where a person on a bike might actually spot it, I’m sure I don’t know! But hey, it’s there.

A man with dream to some day live only blocks from this bicycle pump.

Well, there is no where but up for the number of public bike pumps in Lowertown.