The Gretel Epoch #5

Hello all, here’s the latest on synthetic data tools, privacy engineering insights, and community news from Gretel.

Product Updates

Simplifying Our APIs — if you’re a busy developer or data scientist, try out these five new features (including Apache Parquet support) to make your data synthesizing experience easier.

New Blogs

Gretel in the Wild

  • ODSC East — Gretel senior applied scientist, Lipika Ramaswamy, will be hosting a virtual workshop and live demo at the upcoming Open Data Science Conference in Boston. She’ll discuss the importance of the open data community and how open-source software, such as Gretel Synthetics, can help us tackle big societal issues like data privacy, together.
  • NVIDIA GTC Spring — last week, Gretel’s CPO Alex Watson hosted a demo on generating synthetic data that outperforms real-world data. Highlighting some great advances being made in data-centric AI practices.

Gretel Community

  • ICYMI — Gretel’s synthetic data generation and quality analysis tools were featured in published research that tested the efficacy of using highly complex synthetic medical data.

If you’re interested in our mission to accelerate access to smarter, safer data we are hiring across the company for positions in Engineering, Marketing, Community, Operations, and more.

Team Gretel

p.s. if you’re up for sharing, we’d love to learn a bit more about your experience with us. Please complete our 2-min survey and we’ll send you one of our cool Gretel t-shirts.



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