Always be wary of SJW science

Australia conducted a blind recruitment study late last year that had interesting results. They posted 19 senior positions and removed identifying information from the resume. 15 of the 19 positions went to women. Obvious evidence of sexism in the workplace, right? As soon as you start taking gender out of the hiring equation, women achieve massive success.


The organisation also emphasised family-friendly aspects of the jobs, offering flexible hours and options to work from home.

That’s right. It just so happens that this job was optimized to complement raising a family.

What this really means is that this is junk data. There are two factors in flux in the study, not to mention the pathetic sample size and the fact that the agency was undergoing extensive training to make sure their “unconscious bias” didn’t sway their hiring decisions.

What I find interesting is that the people who set up the study couldn’t bring themselves to do it right. It’s like they knew what the outcome would be if they only anonymized the applications, instead of also influencing their hiring managers and changing the positions to appeal more to somebody raising a family.

So, what we are left with is a study that can honestly be printed with the headline, “Women get jobs when you don’t know you’re hiring them.”

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