Social Justice is deliberate obfuscation

But the left won’t tell you that

In typical Marxist form, the left has taken a noble term, justice, and turned it into a twisted, demented, abomination: social justice. Achieving the final form of Marxism, it has also failed to relay the true nature of its modification.

Social justice says that individuals should not be judged on their merit, but on the perceived status of their social group. It determines that blacks are oppressed, and so Asians must take a 280 point penalty on their SAT scores to get into college, relative to a blacks. Who cares if the Asian grew up in a single parent home in the ghetto and the black was born to Lebron James? Not the left.

That is social justice.

What moral people want is justice, where real crime is punished and the blameless are measured according to their actions.

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