A very Intuitive example of Data science

Firstly, I’d like to introduce myself.

I’m Biraj. I have recently completed my graduation in Mechanical engineering from Mumbai University. And my journey towards Data science began after I did 2 months of internship at Radiant Flux Solar where I worked as a junior analyst which motivated me to pursue my career in the Data Science.

I wonder why people always say that we perform data science process in some way or the other in our day to day task.

“How are they related ?”

Today, I will show you a very intuitive example that we do perform that involve data science process.

Suppose, there are 4 friends meeting after a long time, taking some time out from their busy schedule and planning to go for a long trip.

For the successful planning for a long trip, any one of them (say Yash) would have to make a plan to accomplish a trip and have to perform the following task:

  1. Collect the raw data : You know where you’re traveling to, but the destination is just the beginning of your journey. There’s such a wealth of information online to help guide your planning. Yash has to search a lot of information available on the Internet about beautiful location across a country that will help him to make an amazing trip.
  2. Ask the questions : Yash then need to ask his fellow mates a lot of questions like what kind of location they are willing to go ? How much are they willing to spend ? Are they looking for a sport adventure? Are they looking for just sight seeing beautiful places? Whether they want to go for a road trip?
  3. Data mining (dug the data) : After everyone agreed to go at a particular place example Paris, France. Yash is ready to dive into the data about that particular location to find out what places they can explore in and around Paris like Eiffel tower, Museum, Parks , Disneyland, etc so that they can take the advantage of the other places and enjoy to the core.
Eiffel tower

4. Exploratory data analysis : Once the data is extracted and spent a lot of time cleaning it up. Yash needs to analyze very vital information from the data. He need to determine what is the best option for commuting to reach the destination.? Which is the best season to go ? What will be the fare price of Hotel accommodation during a particular season? Many more….

5. Data modeling : Creating the perfect travel itinerary template might seem like a lot of work. Once everything is explored, Yash needs to make a model (an itinerary in this case) so that they follow exactly the model for their trip and add essential travel information to the itinerary, which includes the following:

  • Airline tickets
  • Hotel reservations
  • Rental car confirmations
  • Restaurant reservations

6. Tell a story : Finally, Yash must tell a story about the trip to everyone, explaining each and every activity they are gonna do in the trip and take some feedback from friends so that model (an itinerary) can be improved.

Story telling
So to all the amazing data buddy out there, I wish you all the luck in this wonderful journey of Data science.
Do tell me your data science journey. And where do you encounter data science process in everyday life.

I will keep bringing many insightful things so do follow me.

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