Data Science at your fingertips — Handy apps on the go

Data Science since it’s first inception over 3 decades ago, has been evolving at a pretty rapid pace. So much so that, there are tons of resources for budding Data Scientists to conquer the state of the art. I recently made a transition from R to Python, here’s why. If you’re just getting started then I’d recommend 2 beautifully designed apps that I came across for you to check out.

Enki This is my favorite of the two. It gives you 5 minute daily workout sessions or super handy tips for you to get better in your coding skills. The variety of courses that it offers are Python, Java, Linux, HTML and Git. Once you select which course you’d like to focus on, you’ll then be asked to rate yourself on a scale of 5. Depending on where you stand in your expertise level, the built-in algorithm throws you a bunch of insights that it thinks would be best suited for you.

From time to time as you head about your workouts you’ll get the chance to level up and also customize your course if you want to get better at a specific module.

Oh and you also get to unlock games for each course.

Download: Android iOS

Py Back to basics — that’s how I’d describe this app to be. I got to fill in a lot of gaps that I thought I had while learning Python. This has a wider arsenal with the variety of courses it offers. I’ve been told a course on Machine Learning is just around the corner. I’m sure a lot of us would be benefited.

Most of these courses have been structured in “fill in the blanks” format. Now if I’m to critic, this serves the purpose of understanding the methodology but I’d like to see a more deeper and enhanced learning structure over the course of time.

You also have a built in chat functionality if you’d like any form of assistance with respect to the app and courses. They’re pretty quick with their response.

Download: Android iOS

So what are you waiting for… Go have a dig at these apps. And if you have any suggestions drop your comments below.

Happy Analyzing!