Our team

What should I write if I wanted to attract new talent to our team?

This question is the basis of this post. The ones who know me are fully aware that I wouldn’t have considered writing this post if I didn’t fully believe in what I was saying. I’ve never done this before.

People say that a candidate should be appraised looking at their human side and their professional side in equal measures. I don’t entirely agree with this percentages. That’s why this post talks about people. On a technical level, I’ll just say that curiosity, and above all imagination, are the qualities I like the most.

If I wanted to entice new inquisitive minds, surely I wouldn’t explain what could happen in an ideal future; that would be very simple, resulting in a blank message. I would explain what I’ve experienced since joining this team.

Regarding effective work.

I can promise you that here we’re not very keen on wasting time with bureaucracy. We prefer to use every minute to transform ideas into realities.

I can still remember that meeting when the technical team proposed the idea to the POs of modifying the working methodology so that major decision-making powers from their field were passed over to us. The answer was just something like: ‘Perfect, let’s try it’. It took a few seconds to process what was, for me, a totally unexpected response. A significant change took minutes!

It was proposed to start using JS technologies for the front-end. Within a month, we had our first mini app running on React. No sooner said than done.

We talked about building service for a specific domain of our business. Three days later, we were beginning to think about how to split up our monolith (yes, we have a monolith, and we take care of it!).

Regarding good manners and trust.

I remember when we left poor Jake struggling with tech issues in a classroom full of future users of our app. I don’t know how he managed it or what was going through his mind at that time, but he simply asked us to fix it as soon as possible. With good manners and without any criticism, despite him being in an undesirable situation, let’s put it that way.

Or when we left the app unstable due to changes in the database. Jani, our CTO, asked us if we were already on the case. After our positive reply, he kept on working on his stuff without any complaints. It was not carelessness that made him ignore this emergency. Trust in us was the reason, I hope.

We don’t hunt out guilty parties here. And not because we believe that looking for them is counterproductive, but only because there are no guilty parties. There are circumstances, and there are mistakes that are made. Errors that are fixed between all of us and mistakes that are the basis for our learning.

Regarding feeling valued and how I’m treated.

Sincere appreciation, that great gem. After so much time in this world, I know perfectly well how cheap, and abundant self-interested and empty thanks are. And how rarely the words ‘thank you’ are used sincerely and directly.

Not everyone has that virtue. Luckily, I can still remember very clearly when I told my responsible, just two weeks after becoming a part of this team, that over this short period I’d felt more valued than in all my previous years. Specific words at the right time are like a spark that triggers your motivation.

Here, the principle of ‘take care of your employees so that they give their best’, is more than just a principle; it’s the cornerstone which the team has been built around. And this team will be based on this value or will not be.

I’m not going to say that we live in a never-ending dream because that would be misleading. We live in reality, and therefore there are good days and others that aren’t so great. However, within all the professional realities that I have known, with all certainty, this is the best one that I’ve ever experienced.

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