Bootstrapping Is A Way Of Life — Be Sure Before Making It Yours

Last night I chanced upon an article authored by Vivek Wadhwa in the Wall Street Journal. In this article, Vivek has succinctly written about why entrepreneurs should focus on building a lifestyle business and not only aim for an exit. This made me reflect on my personal story. The timing couldn’t be better as I near the end of my 3rdyear run of my 3rdround of entrepreneurship.

With hands-on experience in both, running a firm with Venture Capital (VC) money and bootstrapping, I well know what it means to battle for VC money (during my 1stround of entrepreneurship) and then ensuring returns for them. However, when I was founding Greyhound Knowledge Group in 2013, I was certain of not roping in VC money — at least not in the short-term. Whilst there are more than a handful — well-wishers, friends, family and others — who have disagreed with my strategy of bootstrapping, my reasons remain deeply engrained in my ideology.

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