10 Apps for Expats You Can’t Live Without in Singapore

10 Apps for Expats You Can’t Live Without in Singapore

With so much happening in such a compact space, Singapore can be really intimidating at times, but with this selection of useful apps for expats, you’ll quickly have it sorted out!

Besides, with free Wi-Fi networks in key locations around the island as well as many cafes, restaurants and malls, navigating around the city with these essential apps will be easy breezy.


Getting Around

Google Maps
It’s universal and easy to use, so it will always come in handy to find the best places in town and how to get there.

Get on-the-go directions to your destination for bus, train, taxi or by car. You will easily find directions, search for places, as well as browse bus stops around your location.

SG Buses
Feel like commuting? This basic app allows you to check the estimated time of arrival of public transportation vehicles.


This app is, well, uber famous and indispensable, as it allows you request a private driver at the touch of a button. Get cheap rates and go cashless.

Key in your location and destination and choose from a selection of car types at a fixed price.

This app is ideal for the frequent flyer as it will make sure you get updates on your flight times, departure gates, and even shopping and dining information.


Life at Home

Buy everything from clothing to electronics to furniture and even sell your own stuff. The only inconvenience is that you have to set up meetings to do the delivery and pick-up.

Find groceries and home essential products at your fingertips. Free delivery on your first purchase above S$30.




Get quick and easy access to informative dining out guides.

This food delivery app helps you select restaurants and have food delivered to your doorstep in no time!

Easy to navigate, this app offers a good selection of restaurants and quickly delivers food to your home. Minimum order of S$25 required, or S$5 surcharge for orders below.


iHealth SG
This is a must-have app for expats as it provides a comprehensive list of all healthcare and medical centers throughout the island.



Pocket Malls
Singapore has a thriving mall culture so you’ll be needing this app to coordinate your shopping spree easily.

Singapore Heritage Trails
Get to discover Singapore’s heritage and history with this app, which provides about 15 heritage walks around the island.


SG Now
Be the first to know everything about the latest concerts, parties, movie, openings and other cool events in the city.

Get to grips with Singlish with this fun app!

Originally published at Singapore Property Market.

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