Recap: First Freelance Collaborative Meetup

At this past freelance Meetup, we discussed ideas for an upcoming project to improve the freelance ecosystem in Grand Rapids. There was a lot of back and forth, but it seemed that the consensus was to create a site for and about GR Freelancers. This would ideally:

  1. Link to community channels & resources (Meetup, Slack, etc.)
  2. Provide guidance to those who are navigating freelance work/life challenges
  3. Inform others of who we are as a community
  4. Showcase who we are and what we do as individuals
  5. Act as a channel to connect independent workers with other people & opportunities
  6. “Onboard” and/or help guide new freelancers in getting started

Also debuted was the GR Freelancers Website in all its glory, which will eventually look more sleek and professional (though it may lose some charm).

I’ve also setup a Github organization where you can view the current project and contribute.

You can track the progress of the website by viewing the project board, and you can submit suggestions, ideas etc. by submitting an issue in the grfreelancers/collaboration page.

I’ll have to volunteer a lot of my own time to keep the project moving, but my first priority is to make it easy for anyone to contribute, so please let me know if you have any questions!

Stay tuned for more updates, and thanks everyone for being a part of this learning & growing process :)