What makes Security Testing Important?

As technology continues to ingrain itself into nearly all aspects of everyday life, the threat of data being hacked — becomes more and more real. Therefore security testing is a priority in any Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC), irrespective of the methodology employed.Security breaches can lead to a business debacle resulting in lost customers, damaged reputation and high costs of legal and recovery processes.

Every new technology or development is a gateway to cybercrime. Cybercrime is a continually increasing reality. Cyber-attacks are mounting rapidly in scope and frequency across the globe. Though there’s no end to the means by which someone can launch a cyber-attack, and more ways are being found, the most common types of cyber-attacks are as follows:

Cyber security is the need of the hour since hackers have raised their arsenal to breach your personal information. It is imperative to know that cyber-attacks can occur in different forms, thereby, impacting both small and large businesses. Businesses today look for solution providers who can anticipate customer security needs and provide an enriching experience with utmost quality.

What is security testing?

Security testing can be described as a type of software testing that’s deployed to identify vulnerabilities that could potentially allow a malicious attack. By engaging in this activity, security teams can uncover all loopholes in the system to prevent the loss of information, revenue, and a negative impact on brand value.

The primary objective here is to detect all possible risks before the software is integrated into enterprise infrastructure. This approach also provides developers with ample time to fix these problems before it becomes a significant security incident.

Focus Areas in Security Testing:

There are four main focus areas to be considered in security testing (Especially for web sites/applications):

Types of Security Testing:

There are different types of security testing as per Open Source Security Testing methodology manual. They are explained as follows:

In Conclusion

What most organisations are lack today in is a team that can completely focus on performing security testing. Due to this, a lot of applications are launched in the market are becoming the victims of hackers. The Security Testing services provided by GRhombus comprise an in-depth security analysis maintained by reports and dashboards. GRhombus also has exceptional expertise in Security Testing for mobile applications, web applications, web services, and software products, both over the cloud, as well as on premise.

At GRhombus, we just don’t identify potential vulnerabilities in your application and network but also provide insights to act on security vulnerabilities before attackers exploit. With our software testing expertise, we ensure that our clients are always delighted. Contact us to know more about our pilot offer.



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