Grid110 Founder Story: High Tide Tours

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Emmanuel Chan
Dec 12, 2018 · 4 min read
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Full Transcript:

What is your venture? How do you seek to change the world?

We curate elevated experiences of Los Angeles whereby tour-goers can learn about cannabis alongside hikes, meditation, and yoga. We seek to change the world by encouraging conscious consumption and inspiring people to lead better, healthier lives.

What prompted you to start your venture? Where did the idea come from?

DeJanae: On an early morning hike up Runyon Canyon, Joy and I had the idea to create a safe, judgment-free environment for people to explore and enjoy the many health benefits of cannabis. Joy had a successful cannabis events company and I had just got certified as a cannabis educator. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to marry our talents with our enthusiasm for cannabis.

What’s special and advantageous about being in LA (if applicable, DTLA) for you and your venture?

Joy: Now that Los Angeles legalized adult-use for cannabis it was necessary to curate an experience that tied together the weed, wellness and weather LA is known for.

As you think back to your Grid110 experience, what are the 1–2 lessons or takeaways that still stick out to you?

Joy: Customer Discovery. Always find proof in your concept by talking to those who you intend to use your product or service. Your business idea will evolve. Let it happen naturally, don’t be so married to the idea that you can’t adapt to the necessary changes to be successful.

Considering what Grid110 provides and offers, what has been the most impactful to you as a founder and business? How has the Grid110 experience influenced your entrepreneurial journey?

Joy: The community that Grid110 offers to its founders has been very impactful to my journey. To be able to share ideas, get feedback and support not only from the fellow businesses in our cohort but also with the past founders from Grid110.

Fun Questions

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Joy: Growing up, I wanted to be a model. More specifically, a Victoria Secret Angel. I never grew past 5'3 so my dreams never actualized.

If you were a superhero, what would be your superpower? Your super weakness?

Joy: If I was a superhero my superpower would be teleportation! My super weakness, dessert.

About Grid110

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