Fantasy Football — Week 12 AI Performance and Recap

Clustered at the top

TLDR: We had a slightly higher score then ESPN and 4for4, not a ton of variance between the three sites.

Recap of Big Miss and Hits


  • James Conner and Alvin Kamara — We were low on these guys and it turned out to pay dividends


  • JuJu Smith-Schuster /Antonio Brown — I didn’t watch the game so I am not sure what went wrong
  • Sterling Shepard — I thought he might be a sneaky play in DFS due to the Eagles secondary being a train wreck. He didn’t do anything.

About the Graphs

  • AI Closer are the players we had the closer value at the end of the week
  • ESPN Closer are the players ESPN had the closer value at the end of the week
  • Read the legend for info on the colors

Performance Score

I will be looking at the performance between fantasy sites and Gridiron AI.

Performance Baseline — I am going to use the following player pool to try to measure week to week performance in our model against ESPN:

Finished in Top 50 WR and RB | Finished in Top 16 TE |Finished in Top 20 QB

What does the table below mean:

  • Score — Total point difference between projection and actual
  • Correct — Projected Rank equals the actual rank
  • Hybrid — 1 point if the Rank is correct, .5 points if Rank is within five positions of the actual Rank

Gridiron AI/ESPN/4for4

  • We’re all pretty clustered together, our score is slightly worse but that isn’t always a bad thing. We are predicting outcomes in different ways. Next season, I’ll try to automate a way to highlight what each site is doing well and doing poorly.