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GridMatrix for Real Time Incident Detection


GridMatrix for Real Time Incident Detection
GridMatrix’s machine vision software identifying a near miss from archival footage

GridMatrix’s award winning cloud platform for traffic analytics can now detect near misses and accidents in real time, automatically delivering incident alerts in under a second.

For Departments of Transportation nationally, this means the ability to identify hotspots across road grids and accurately quantify incident probability for the first time.

With the ability to detect accidents instantly, first responders can be automatically alerted in less than a second that lives are at stake — not the minutes it might otherwise take for someone to call 911 (assuming anyone is around to see the accident happen).

Elevated near miss rates are strong indications of where future accidents will happen, but until now searching for them is like finding a needle in a haystack. Traffic engineers and road operators now have a tool for 24/7/365 coverage.

There are no barriers here. GridMatrix designs universal future proof solutions compatible across data sources. From existing installed infrastructure to emerging technologies like LiDAR to connected vehicle data, GridMatrix’s platform will work with edge and cloud data sources alike.

The GridMatrix team will be launching this feature publicly at Intertraffic Amsterdam and Smart Cities Connect in Columbus .

About GridMatrix

GridMatrix’s award winning software platform for real-time traffic analytics combines edge data from existing roadway sensors and cloud-based data sources to eliminate urban traffic congestion, accidents, and emissions. GridMatrix’s software is universally compatible with both existing sensors such as cameras, radar, and loops, as well as emerging sensing technologies such as LiDAR.

The Intelligent Transportation Society of America has recognized GridMatrix’s software as a leading new solution for sustainable and resilient infrastructure.

GridMatrix is headquartered in San Francisco and was co-founded in 2021 by a group of former Apple engineering and operations colleagues. The GridMatrix team brings over 100 years of experience and 22 patents in both hardware and software product development to the company’s solutions.

GridMatrix’s mission is to evolve existing transportation infrastructure in cities globally as they embrace advances in autonomous, connected, electric, and shared mobility technologies.

More information about GridMatrix is available at



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