Post Covid Aspirations

As Missouri Western and the world start to move on from the Covid-19 era, students are finally able to look forward to life after the pandemic. We are starting to see a return to normalcy in so many areas and that’s extremely exciting, especially to those that are returning to next semester.

In the past year, students have missed out on countless opportunities and have had to step away from some of their favorite activities. Athletics had to reprogram how they function on a daily basis, classes and campus events went virtual and we saw a full freeze on traveling and even in-person graduation.

As more and more people receive their vaccines and positive case numbers continue to trend downwards, we can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.

While masks and daily health checks are still required for athletes, they have already seen huge changes from the beginning of the year to now. After an abnormal spring season, soccer player, Anna Mayer, is looking forward to a normal preseason and regular season.

“I’m looking forward to having more games in the fall,” Mayer said. “Having the opportunity for a more normal schedule so we can continue to grow as a team.”

When looking at what students missed most outside of school, many share the sorrow of missing out on concerts and sporting events. Jon Chapman, a junior computer science major, is excited to go to events with other people again.

“I really just want to go see live entertainment again,” Chapman said. “Specifically Sporting Kansas City games with full stands. There’s just nothing like a soccer match with a full crowd environment.”

Seniors are beyond relieved to be graduating in-person this spring. After seeing the heartbreak of last year, no matter what the ceremony looks like, the senior class is thankful. Senior, Jordan Jennings, speaks on behalf of the senior class saying:

“I am honestly so grateful that they were able to put something together, because I cannot imagine what the class before me had to go through,” Jennings said. “It may seem like something small, just gathering and all being together, but big picture it’s everyone getting together to celebrate something huge.”

Theaters are also reopening. With major studios finally settling on release dates there is finally a reason to return to the cinema. St. Joseph’s Regal theater reopens May 16th, just in time for summer break.

Many are also looking forward to a summer of fun in the sun and travel. With many regional tourist attractions reopening in full for the season, students are looking to take advantage of the summer break after a very long and strenuous school year.

“I can’t wait to travel again because whenever you’re stuck at home or even in your hometown everything feels so urgent and pressing,” Chapman said. “When you travel you’re able to escape that for a little while. You get to learn about different ways of life and just experience life in the moment.”

There is no doubt that students and professors alike are yearning to be back in person for classes. There’s a shared sense of missing the collaboration as well as just energy around campus.

“I’m looking forward to the human connection being back,” Mayer said. “Being able to see someone smile, being able to sit next to your friends in class and just being able to collaborate person to person again.”

After such a hard year, it’s important to live this summer. Abide by rules and regulations, but make sure to partake in those activities and hobbies you so dearly missed during the pandemic because they are making their way back.


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Elora Maxwell

Elora Maxwell is an aspiring author. She loves traveling, watches old films and loves classic country music.