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Forget Roses. Give Her These Legendary Flowers Instead

A few alternatives for those tired roses

The history of flowers
Artwork: ©Carlyn Beccia |

Every time a man gives me a bouquet of roses, my ex-husband dryly remarks, “Must not be serious. Or else he would know you hate roses.”

He’s right. I hate roses.

Roses are the ugly criers of the flower world. When they die, their plump, red petals bleed…




History is Nasty, Brutish, Short, and Grim. Let these stories cheer you up.

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Carlyn Beccia

Carlyn Beccia

Author & illustrator. My latest books — 10 AT 10, MONSTROUS: THE LORE, GORE, & SCIENCE, and THEY LOST THEIR HEADS. Contact:

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