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History is Nasty, Brutish, Short and Grim

How does a smile change how we view someone?

In 1860, he was kidnapped and forced on a slave ship. This is what he endured.

Dropping the F-bomb makes you more likable. Here’s why.

Ficken, fokken, fukka, focka, fock, and of course…fuck. The word fuck is the most used curse in the English language, and for good reason. It’s a noun, adjective, and verb. Fuck is so versatile. And unlike shit, damn, asshole, bitch, or my personal favorite — bollocks — it’s an action-packed, racy explicative packed with myriad meanings.

It also is the most censored. According to the Motion Picture Association of America’s censorship guidelines, a movie that contains more than two fucks gets an automatic R rating. Just two mentions of the F-bomb got James Joyce’s Ulysses banned. …

Symbols of democracy were saved that day

From cow dung to bull’s balls, couples have done some crazy things to conceive

How the anti-masturbation movement made circumcision popular

The stories the camera never captured

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