How we reached traction with Reddit


In the Traction Book, Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares tell us that traction trump everything. You should be focusing 50% of your time in product development and 50% on 50% on traction.

Grindbase had just been live few weeks ago, and at first we tried different channel to reach people, everything free to test the waters like Twitter, Facebook and even Quora.

Each channel were doing as good as the others, that didn’t help us. What could we do at this moment.

Our past efforts to reach traction for Grindbase were kind of fruitless. This time, we were told to tried to promote in reddit, especially in r/montreal, as our app is essentially based in Montreal.


As our platform mainly is in Montreal, we went to r/montreal. It’s important to read the rules and ask a moderator if it’s ok to promote our website.

So we ask a moderator by private message.

The moderator’s answer

An answer came quickly. We’re good to go as the platform is free. So that’s it? Not really. You see, with a newly created account, you can’t post content right away. It depends of your subreddit, but for r/montreal, we had to wait one week. In fact, we’ve put a post but it was deleted by a bot!

One week to polish the web app and to ensure that everything is working. We were more than ready!

top of the subreddit during 2 days


One week later, Our reddit post was published, it helps us gain a little traction with some comments from reddit user. Always great to have feedback!

Our post
Referral traffic with google analytics

Reddit turned out to be our main referral traffic, but we would not be able to post every week on reddit, it would be too much.

We’re happy now to find have people willing to use our app and to help us grow! We went from practically nothing to at least a little user base.

You may not have found the best channel right at the beginning but keep on searching and always test new things.

Until next time!

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