FreeAgent Engineering Blog — Chapter Two

Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

Wrangling with nanoc markdown files, a butchered Wordpress theme and disaster recovery failover of self-hosted web server VMs was fun for a while but the truth is that a standalone blog in 2018 has its challenges. RSS is dying (sadly) and discoverability of articles is something of a problem, which is the reason Medium has been so successful as a content platform for blogs over the past few years. We experimented with writing on this Medium publication a few years ago and we’ve decided the time has come to fully embrace this, er, medium for all our future engineering blog content.

Some of our existing content still gets a reasonable amount of traffic each month, but back-porting seven years of articles into Medium isn’t something we’re planning to do. We don’t want the overhead of keeping the original blog up and running for posterity, so we’ve compromised by making public the GitHub repo of our old blog. So if you’re keen to read our thoughts on understanding the Rails logger from back in 2011, or if you’re in desperate need of a guide for upgrading a SaaS application from Rails 2 to 3, then the content can be found there in all its original markdown glory.

Going forward we hope to have a reasonably consistent flow of articles on Medium from a range of different contributors within our growing engineering team. To kick things off, we have a fantastic series of articles from our summer 2018 data science and engineering interns. Please follow us (or subscribe to our RSS feed 🎉), clap and share the articles you like, and let us know what you think in the comments!