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G-Force Epoch 1 Leaderboard

TLDR: Gro’s decentralised marketing team, G-Force, worked hard over the last 4 weeks and produced some incredible results! This week we’re wrapping up Epoch 1 with the strongest contributors being KhaaduScalper, Beckley and Laitman. Epoch 2 is launching next Wednesday 22 December. Want to join? Apply here:

Dear community,

The wait is over — Epoch 1 Leaderboard is out! Big congrats to the contributors — we were super impressed with all of the creative output and great energy you’ve brought to the community over the last 4 weeks! We are super excited to launch Epoch 2 next Wednesday 22nd Dec 🚀

To join Epoch 2, fill out this short application form:

12,000 GRO for the G-Force members in epoch 1 — how did the vote go?

💰 First epoch has 12,000 vesting $GRO to share between the G-Force.

💸 G-Force rewards are allocated based on a democratic vote — every G4 member will need to rate other G4s, with a maximum of 10 points for any one individual. The voting forms have now been sent out and we are looking forward to announcing the results!

📝 G4s then determined the strongest competitors by voting for each other in a voting form that was shared with them.

👬 The two highest rated G-Force members get 2,000 GRO each, ranked 3–9 get 800 GRO, ranked 10–15 get 400 GRO, and bottom 4 get nothing.

🎊 The allocated $GRO is claimable into vesting contract.

🎉 G-Force, keep an eye on the private G-Force group for a form to submit your wallet 😉

What did G-Force get up to in Epoch 1?

Over the last month G-Force exceeded all our expectations, producing a lot of amazing work, in particular:

… and a lot more — to see everything they got up to, check out the G-Force channel of our Discord (that now has an animated logo thanks to G-Force)!

What’s next for G Force? Wen epoch 2?

We’ll take a few days to announce & celebrate the winners, give out the GRO rewards and reflect on how we can make Epoch 2 even more epic — with your feedback as always! Some ideas that we’d like to discuss in a community post (to be published shortly) include:🧑‍💻 smaller team, 💵 a budget, 💰 fixed amount for all G4s+ bonus for performance, 📝 specific tasks, 🦧 using Coordinape for tracking contributions and allocating rewards.

Epoch 2 will launch on Wednesday 22 December and will run for a bit longer due to the holiday season — details TBC.

Want to get involved and make sure you don’t miss the next epoch?

The best way to join the community is to jump into our Discord — we also have dedicated channels for multiple languages including Russian, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Turkish and more 💜

Want to apply to join the G-Force for Epoch 2? Fill out this quick form to submit your application:

Last but not least, you can: follow us on Twitter or Instagram, chat to us on Telegram in our discussion group or subscribe to the Announcements channel; and finally, if you didn’t already, check out the Gro protocol app!

#LFGro 🚀




Gro protocol is a stablecoin protocol where you can choose your risk level — learn more about our stablecoin products Vault, PWRD, and Labs in this blog!

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