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G-Force: Introducing Epoch 3

TLDR: Gro is launching Epoch 3 of its Decentralised Marketing Force (“G-Force”) after fine-tuning its mechanisms based on feedback from Epoch 2. Modifications include adding roles to boost coordination and switching to a task-based reward system.

G-Force, Gro’s decentralised marketing squad, will return for Epoch 3 and introduce Gro to more people! This epoch will be dedicated to increasing adoption of our products upgraded upon community feedback on tokenomics (Vote 005), higher yields in Vault (Vote 009), and more optimised strategies in our Avalanche-based Labs.

We’ve got valuable feedback from Epoch 2 members and change Epoch 3 structure for the better:

  • More coordination with 3 captains: 1 captain is good; 3 squad captains are even better to make G-Force a success!
  • New task-based rewards system: Instead of determining rewards based on voting as we did in Epoch 2, G-Force members will now be rewarded based on the tasks they complete and the respective points collected.

Say hello to squad captains

G-Force has benefited from having one captain in the last epoch, but it is no easy feat coordinating 20 members with different talents across different time zones! That’s why Epoch 3 will have 3 new squad captains to coordinate and assist G-Force members in their own squad–Creators, Broadcasters, and DAO Ambassadors–rather than 1 person having to do it all.

This change came from the feedback that we can better unleash G-Force’s potential with more coordination. As each epoch only has 3 weeks to go, creating a system where there are more people to help move things forward will be essential to G-Force’s success!

Squad captains are not limited to contributing in their own squads. Same as other G-Force members, captains can choose to be members of one or more squads. That said, our MVPs from last epoch have done well focusing on their strengths, so we’d suggest anyone to only go for two squads at maximum.

Here’s a list of G-Force roles:

  • 3 Squad Captains will be in charge of making sure tasks are completed within the agreed timeline and meet the standards set out in the beginning. We also look to Squad Captains to motivate their squads, help G-Force members develop budget proposals, share achievement updates weekly, and maintain the Squad’s workplace on Dework.
  • Creator squad will transpose their creativity and create great content in different formats ranging from tweets, articles, infographics, videos to podcasts! Do you have a flair for writing? Is graphic design something you can’t seem to get enough of? Do you love producing videos? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you have arrived at the right spot.
  • Broadcaster squad will explore various ways to spread the word about Gro protocol, including starting social media campaigns! Have a Twitter or YouTube audience intrigued by the world of DeFi? Is being active on social media your favourite pastime? You’ll immediately feel at ease here.
  • DAO ambassadors will initiate and facilitate dialogues to promote DAO-to-DAO collaboration. Are you interested in collaborating with other DeFi projects? Love researching new DAOs? There is no better place than this squad to pursue your passion.

Moving to a task-based system with Dework

In Epoch 3, G-Force members will be able to collaborate more easily using Dework. Each squad will have their dedicated space where they can create tasks, claim existing ones, and coordinate more efficiently.

Each task will have points allocated — the allocation will be done by the core team in this epoch with the goal to further decentralise in future epochs. If a task hasn’t been completed within the agreed timeline, G-Force members could either discuss an extension with their Squad Captain or it can be claimed by others. Any tasks undone by the end of Epoch 3 will automatically roll over to the next Epoch. The core team may adjust points for tasks that are not of a high quality or have otherwise exceeded expectations.

At the end of Epoch 3, G-Force members will be rewarded based on the number of points collected in one or more squads. Let’s take a deeper look at the reward structure below.

Reward structure

Epoch 3 will have a base reward of 15,000 USDC and variable rewards up to 15,000 GRO if protocol TVL reaches $65 million. If protocol TVL drops below $35 million, variable rewards will not be paid out.

We’ve got a great number of content creation in the last 2 epochs, so in Epoch 3 we will shift more base rewards to the other two aspects of G-Force.

  • Creator Squad: 4,000 USDC base + Variable rewards
  • Broadcaster Squad: 6,000 USDC base + Variable rewards
  • DAO Ambassadors: 5,000 USDC base + Variable rewards

Your share of base rewards will be based on how many points you earn in the squad relative to total points earned. For example, if you get 300 points in Creator Squad and the total points earned in Creator Squad are 3000 points, you’d get 10% of its 4,000 USDC base rewards. If you are in 2 squads, you will be able to get base rewards from both squads.

In terms of variable rewards, your points would be rebased to the maximum base rewards in each squad. Let’s consider the following scenario where you are in both Creator and Broadcaster Squads.

Your total rewards will then be 400 + 1,200 = 1,600 USDC and 10.67% of variable rewards in GRO tokens.

To reward G-Force members who also take up squad leadership role, squad captains will in addition get 500 USDC each for base rewards. A discretionary bonus reward will be awarded to squad captains that have done an exceptional job at leading their squads. This would come on top of what the squad captains get by being part of the G-force earning points for tasks completed themselves.

Interested in joining our next epochs?

Apply to join the G-Force here →

You don’t need to spend ages on it — just make sure it lists at least one idea of how you can help take Gro to the next level. Applications received now will be considered for Epoch 4 in March.

Wanted to learn more about how Epoch 3 goes? Join our Discord to learn more about the latest in our public G-Force channel!

Edited on 12 Feb to correct the calculation from 600 USDC to 1,200 USDC.




Gro protocol is a stablecoin protocol where you can choose your risk level — learn more about our stablecoin products Vault, PWRD, and Labs in this blog!

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