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G-Force: Epoch 2 launched

TLDR: Gro launched Epoch 2 of its Decentralised Marketing Force (“G-Force”) last Thursday after refining its mechanics based on Epoch 1 feedback. Adjustments include team roles, rewards structure, and budget availability.

Gro’s 20-strong decentralised marketing team, the G-Force, has returned for Epoch 2 (7th — 27th January)! This epoch will focus on growing TVL for Gro protocol through our core products — Vault & PWRD (Ethereum mainnet), Vault (Argent zkSync), and Labs (Avalanche).

For those of you not yet familiar with G-Force, this section is the best place to start. The G-Force is open to anyone who wants to apply and contribute — application received now will be considered for Epoch 3 in February.

Key changes in Epoch 2

  • New roles: G-Force captain & 3 specialised squads — Creators, Broadcasters, and DAO ambassadors
  • Rewards: now available in both USDC and vesting GRO with a base + variable structure to drive more collaboration
  • Budget: G-Force will now be able to request for marketing funds from the approved Q1 marketing budget

New roles

We have heard from our Epoch 1 participants that they’d like to see more coordination & collaboration. That’s why we’ve set up new roles to help G-Force members with similar interests to work together more easily — any member could choose to be part of any number of squads. Each squad would get their own working channels to work together more closely while featuring their work in our public #G-Force channel.

  • G-Force captain will coordinate & motivate G-Force members and recap achievements of the mighty G-Force regularly. This is an important addition to not only help G-Force coordinate and be more effective, but also make sure their contribution receives the proper spotlight.
  • Creator squad will create great content in different formats (tweets, articles, infographics, videos, podcasts) that introduce Gro protocol and its new products. Love writing? Can’t get enough of graphic design? Interested in walking through users on videos? This is the place for you.
  • Broadcaster squad will make use of different channels to share about Gro protocol, including initiating social media campaigns! Got an audience on twitter or youtube interested in DeFi? Always thinking about viral campaigns or hashtags? You’ll feel at home here.
  • DAO ambassador squad will initiate & follow through conversations about DAO-to-DAO partnership. Enjoy connecting projects to build DeFi together? Wanted to chat with different DAOs to explore what they need most? There’s no better place to pursue your interest than this squad.


While we’ve had a generous pot of rewards available for Epoch 1, some members suggested changing the structure to create a more collaborative environment while enabling more flexibility in rewards. That’s why we’ve revamped Epoch 2 structure with a total maximum reward of $14,000 USDC and 14,000 vesting $GRO.

  • We have retained the rewards tiers where MVPs get the highest share followed by Tier 1 & 2, but there are now 3 MVPs to share the top prize!
  • $14,000 USDC base rewards will be fully distributed by the end of Epoch 2, while Variable rewards (based on Protocol TVL) will be distributed in vesting GRO. Allocation of both rewards will be based on voting by G-Force members at the end of Epoch 2, similar to what we did in Epoch 1.
  • Total rewards (base + max variable) amount to $14,000 USDC and 14,000 vesting GRO tokens — plus what our captain will get for tirelessly coordinating across the G-Force!

*Captain is part of the G-Force and participates in the end-of-epoch vote.


With Vote 007 Gro DAO approved a 2022 Q1 marketing budget of $200,000 USDC, 100,000 locked (vesting) GRO and 20,000 unlocked (liquid) GRO. G-Force can now apply from this budget to fund marketing initiatives!

  • G-Force members can write proposals to apply for a marketing budget with our set template and submit them in our #Budget-proposals channel.
  • Each proposal will be reviewed based on its own merits. Budgets will be approved by the core team for this epoch; this will be further decentralised to the G-Force in future epochs.
  • There is no set budget allocated to Epoch 2 — this is the first time our G-Force has access to DAO marketing funds; we’re excited to see where this takes us!

Interested in joining the next epoch?

Apply to join the G-Force here →

You don’t need to spend ages on it — just make sure it lists at least one idea of how you can help take Gro to the next level. Applications received now will be considered for Epoch 3 in February.

Wanted to learn more about how Epoch 2 goes? Join our Discord for the community call tomorrow (13th January 2022) at 11am UTC where we’ll feature our G-Force. You can also learn more about the latest of Epoch 2 in our public G-Force channel!




Gro protocol is a stablecoin protocol where you can choose your risk level — learn more about our stablecoin products Vault, PWRD, and Labs in this blog!

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