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Gro protocol — core products

The following articles were written at the time of product launch; for the latest updates, please refer to our docs at

Vault & PWRD (Ethereum mainnet)

Vault (Ethereum L2: zkSync)

Labs (Avalanche)

Wallet connection


Gro DAO Tokens

Note: Gro airdropped PWRD as gas subsidies and conducted an “Early Frens” airdrop of Gro DAO tokens before “Gro 4 All” airdrop.


Launching governance: Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP)


Prefer sound or videos rather than words? Learn more about Gro through our podcast interviews!

Check out our Youtube channel for more videos, interviews, and community calls to catch up on the latest of Gro!




Gro protocol is a stablecoin protocol where you can choose your risk level — learn more about our stablecoin products Vault, PWRD, and Labs in this blog!

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