Grok loves the power…that coding can bring. But seriously.

These are the images you get when you type ‘power’ into Pixabay.

Yes, the last one is a cabbage. No, it is not a mistake. Yes, it actually turned up in the search results.

But what you don’t get, is this:

One of the only 5 images available on Pixabay when you type in ‘coder’.

Which, in this day and age, is a bit weird because coding is one of the most powerful skills you can learn. We asked around the office to find out what makes coding so powerful for our team.

Ben: Technology is a kind of power and being able to process information and automate decisions and automate output of some sort from that information is this incredible power that people still haven’t really figured out.

Every single industry is changing right now because they’re discovering different ways they can use this power. Without being able to code you’re stuck with other people deciding what powers you can and can’t have. If you can code you can decide for yourself what you can do with information, which is literally everything.

Jane: Ignoring the world of employment, computers are controlling more and more of our daily lives. And unless you know how to control them, you are basically powerless.

Jess: So much of our infrastructure depends on software. We can store masses of information, but what you do with it is the important thing. In the same way that the people who used to be able to read and the people who couldn’t had vastly different quality of life, the same will be true of people who are and people who aren’t technologically literate. There is the real danger of being left behind.

We can store masses of information, but what you do with it is the important thing.

Tim: Even if you’re not a professional programmer, understanding what tasks are easy to automate and which ones are not is useful. It gives you a better understanding of your capabilities. There’s a comic which explains it really well, actually:

Tasks. Credit: xkcd

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