Why I want to fail

It all started at fullstack development course when I've heard one of the most impact full statement said by Dan Calinescu, our adviser (or Gandalf).

He was basically telling us that if we only implement wire-frames and just code blindly (like monkeys), without pushing our self to bring improvements

We are basically renting our brains.

Well shoot, let me tell you that hurt …

After some thought and some internal dialog I've decided to implement this product no matter what. I’ve decided to no let my inner self tell me that I would fail.

Actually I want to prove my self that even if i fail, i will fail forward and after this i will become better, more resourceful, with more tools on my belt. That’s why I’ve decided to document my journey and force my self to write a blog weekly and keep the current state of the product development updated on Groops Twitter.

I know is going to be a bumpy road but as Robert Pop suggested for Ceresa story proposition, i can finally … say I've launched a product.

let’s just do it guys and gals

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