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How to Slow Down to Get More Done

Or, how to pace yourself this summer

Remove stuff from your To-Do list (rather than cross it off)

Realize that there are two ways for something to come off your to-do list. One is (of course) that you’ve done it and crossed it off. The other is that you reevaluate your list and remove the less-important things from it. Reevaluating your commitments and simply removing stuff from the list is equally as important a habit as making time to accomplish things and tick them off.

Task-break effectively

Finishing a task at the exact point where you can best pick it up later is a fine art. Putting things in an organized, designated bucket for later — for example a task list devoted to just your accounting — and returning to that when you can devote a dedicated block of time to that bucket can help you plow through routine tasks that don’t need to be done immediately.

Schedule wind-down time at the end of the day

I do 15 minutes of wind-down time at the end of each work day, to decompress, evaluate, and process that day, making the evening less stressful and that night’s sleep more restful.

Do the most important stuff in the “morning”

If you could only get one thing done today — do that thing in the morning. Or, if there’s something you need to get that only you can do and no one else — do that in the morning too.

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