Why We Invested In ShapeShift

Jordan Odinsky
Oct 7, 2019 · 3 min read

We’re excited to announce our pre-seed investment in ShapeShift, a Tel Aviv based startup that leverages AI and computer vision to change the way we discover and experience esports. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Eyal, Eran, Orel, Yossi and their incredible team on their journey towards building a world-class esports experience.

When was the last time you opened Netflix, spent a half-hour scrolling through different shows, only to decide there’s nothing to watch?

Now imagine that frustration for esports fans where at any given moment there are over 50,000 concurrent live streamers to choose from on Twitch alone! And while it’s only becoming easier for gamers to stream live from anywhere in the world, with over 3.8 million monthly streamers (also on Twitch alone!), it’s clear that we’re headed towards a state of media overload.

The esports experience you've always wanted

Being hardcore gamers, Eyal, Eran, and the ShapeShift team set out to build the streaming experience they’ve always wanted. A streaming experience that helps users discover the most relevant content, surfaces the best streams at the perfect moments, and keeps users engaged and excited the entire time they’re watching.

To do this, the team developed advanced computer vision and AI algorithms to capture, track, and analyze every moment of every stream across every platform. And as a result, Jumper was born.

Introducing Jumper

Jumper is an all-in-one platform to discover and experience esports. With Jumper, users create personalized esports feeds, get real-time notifications when incredible moments unfold from their favorite streamers, discover new up-and-coming talent, and much more.

With Jumper, there is no need to switch between different streaming platforms to find the best content. Simply log in, complete your profile, and start watching the most relevant streams for you.

To make the experience even more engaging, ShapeShift organizes streams by the level of excitement. They do this by leveraging their unique algorithms to gain contextual awareness as to what’s happening in the game such as: how many kills does Ninja have? How much time and how many players are left? By capturing and analyzing the context of the stream, Jumper also offers an exceptional “NFL Red Zone-esque” experience to esports fans regardless of where their favorite gamers stream.

Beyond this, there are a handful of other opportunities that ShapeShift can pursue to help create a better viewership experience. As esports continues to explode, ShapeShift’s advanced algorithms can be used to push deeper into interactive entertainment, professional scouting for undiscovered talent, analytics for if and/or when esports betting becomes legal, and so much more.

Meet the team

When we first met Eyal and Eran, we were instantly blown away by their passion and track record in bringing esports to the masses. Their first rodeo together was launching the first “big brother” esports house in the world to train Israel’s National Overwatch team for the Overwatch World Cup where they placed #17.

And before that, they collectively worked at NASA, Boeing, Airbus, the Israel Defense Forces, and Israel’s Prime Ministers Office.

Your esports all-access pass

With their technology, ShapeShift has the potential to offer a suite of incredible products to help everyone discover, enjoy, and experience esports. And by leveraging their proprietary algorithms, ShapeShift has developed a serious edge when it comes to creating a best in class experience for esports fans. We’re thrilled to see the ShapeShift experience unfold and watch esports fans enjoy the experience they’ve always wanted!

Ground Up Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm investing in pre-seed and seed stage startups in the United States and Israel.

Ground Up Ventures

Ground Up Ventures is a seed stage venture capital firm…

Jordan Odinsky

Written by

investor and startup helper @GroundUpVC, angel investor.

Ground Up Ventures

Ground Up Ventures is a seed stage venture capital firm based in the US and Israel. Ground Up invests in mission-oriented founding teams beginning the arduous journey of building an enduring business from the ground up.

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