How Age-Appropriate Play is at the Heart of Children’s Growth and Development

Grounds For Play is dedicated to providing safe and beneficial play environments for children of all ages. Just like our logo represents, our products are designed to ensure beneficial play for infants and toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children.

As every caregiver knows, you wouldn’t expect a toddler to safely use the same play equipment as a school-age child! Which is why we adhere to the guidelines outlined by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission.

“For playgrounds intended to serve children of all ages, the layout of pathways and the landscaping of the playground should show the distinct areas for the different age groups.” 
Section 2.2. Age Separation, CPSC, Public Playground Safety Handbook

How Grounds For Play Encourages Age-Specific Play

Children grow and develop over time, even as they play. Grounds For Play is at the heart of this by providing safe, challenging play equipment that encourages developmental growth.

Infants and Toddlers

Children 6–23 months old will develop physically, mentally, and socially with the fun and safe products Grounds For Play has to offer. Our selections are filled with fun colors, shapes, spinners, mirrors, and other eye-catching elements infants and toddlers will enjoy. These interactive elements encourage movement and exploration. Some products include:

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Children 2–5 years old are more keen on discovering the world around them as they develop physically, mentally, and socially. Incorporate opportunities for them to stretch and develop growing muscles, dramatic play elements for social interaction, and activity panels with words or symbols for developing language skills. Some products include:

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School-Age Children

Children at this age are able to explore, engage in, and understand advanced thinking. They’re now looking for opportunities to interact with others while they play. Social interactions, physical strength, and coordination are developed with the use of Grounds For Play products such as:

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To learn more about age-appropriate play, read our white paper written by our expert, William H. Strader, Ed.D.

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