GroundSource is all about helping you serve the information needs of your people. Much of what we’ve built so far has focused on gathering feedback and stories as the primary means to figure out what information people need.

But just like in real life, the best conversations start when you give something of value before you request the same in return. So, what if you could provide people with the precise information they need, immediately?

Now, you can do that with GroundSource.

We’ve just launched new functionality, and we’re using the term “webhooks” until we come up with a better name (ideas?).

Webhooks connect your messages to a database (anything from a spreadsheet to an RSS feed), so your community members can get customized information by texting your GroundSource number.

Outlier Media in Detroit is using webhooks to connect Detroit residents with information about houses or apartments they’re looking to rent. In Detroit, some 70 percent of rentals are not inspected. That’s obviously a huge problem.

Now, Detroit residents will be able to text in the address of a home or apartment they’re interested in renting and learn everything from who the owner is, to whether the owner owes back taxes, the risk of the property’s water being shut off, and more — all in a text message!

Try it yourself: text “Detroit” to 63735, and then the address “8403 Brace” (or find a property you’re interested in learning about).

Here’s what adding webhooks look like in Outlier’s workspace:

And here’s what it looks like to the community member who texts in an address:

You can use webhooks in GroundSource to serve up all kinds of information, from the day’s forecast to a neighborhood’s lead levels. You can link up RSS feeds, FAQ spreadsheets, inventories — any type of data set.

We can’t wait to see how you use it, and when you do, we would love to share it on our website.

At this stage of the development of this functionality, we at GroundSource still need to link your database to our API. So when you’re ready to integrate webhooks into your conversations, contact us so that we can set that part up for you.