Technologies of Wishing: 8 Tips from William S. Burroughs on Living a Magical Life

Joe Forrest
May 21, 2017 · 2 min read

William S. Burroughs was a magical man.

Writer, occultist, and fucking weirdo. I love the fucking weirdos, man. They make life sooooo much better. He came of age well before the world was ready for him in my humble opinion. He had his finger on the pulse of pop culture in a way that few have managed to accomplish.

He pushed the limits with his novel Naked Lunch. He hung out with just about every artist you can think of, including that other weird mofo Andy Warhol, and generally made those with a stick up their ass quite uncomfortable. He was part of the counter-culture before there was a name for the counter-culture. Psychedelics, opening the third eye, and ingesting reality only to spit it back out at people in the strangest way possible is what made this guy so cool.

He managed to keep his occult side under wraps from most people and didn’t say much about it unless you look at his writing. I absolutely believe that his work are hypersigils left behind for future generations to pull apart. Naked Lunch alone will bend most minds completely out of whack but then you move on to books like Junkie, Queer, and his multitude of novellas and short stories.

Anyway, the dude was fan-fucking-tastic, so check out this piece from evolve + and get all brain melty.

Source: Technologies of Wishing: 8 Tips from William S. Burroughs on Living a Magical Life | Evolve + Ascend


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